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22 Things to Create with Gel Du Soleil Resin!

22 Things to Create with Gel Du Soleil Resin!

For an entire week, I immersed myself in the exploration of Gel du Soleil, a UV resin that solidifies within just 20 minutes under the influence of ultraviolet light. The goal was to determine whether the artistic mediums I teach with, such as gilding flakes, mica powders, molds, organics, texture, and resin colorants, could integrate with this fast-curing resin. Join me in the journey of “Mucking About with Becky,” where I present 22 exciting creations crafted with Gel du Soleil Resin.

Number 3 in my explorations was Gel Du Soleil and Gilding Flakes! Here is my “burner piece” from my experimentation!

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