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5 DIY Tips for Fall & Halloween

5 DIY Tips for Fall & Halloween

5 DIY Tips for Fall & Halloween

With holiday decor almost around the corner, I wanted to share some quick and easy DIY and decorating tips for the Fall season that have brought my space to peak coziness. Sometimes really small things make a huge impact, and most of my decor is really cost effective as well!

I applied all of these decorating tips into the Pumpkin Spice Suite that I partnered on with Great Wolf Lodge. It was such an honor to work together with Great Wolf Lodge to create spaces that felt cozy and like home – drawing inspiration from the warm tones of fall, and the feeling of a crisp autumn day. Please find some of my favorite DIY tips below, that can be found in the Pumpkin Spice Suite!

  1. Don’t be afraid to hang things on your wall – including leaves, garland or temporary seasonal artwork!
Pumpkin Spice Suite – Great Wolf Lodge

Loose maple leaves are very affordable, but add so much charm to a space! I use command picture hanging strips, and hang them from the wall in spaces that I’d like to add a pop of color to, or that feel empty!

2. Anywhere there is a ledge, like shelves or dressers, add leaf garland

Adding a garland above a bed frame, or to open shelving adds color, and warmth to the space. I picked up this garland for under $20 from Michaels, and hung it with command hooks, which come off easily and damage-free once the season is over.

3. Don’t ignore the ceilings! They are a great place for decor!

Whether it is floating candles or witch hats, hanging seasonal decor from the ceiling adds such a large change to a space. I love that the floating candles also flicker at night!

4. Swap out your wall art seasonally if the colors don’t make sense with your decor

Pumpkin Spice Suite – Great Wolf Lodge

Switching out artwork can feel intimidating, but it is only a matter of removing a nail, patching a hole, and then putting up a new nail. It takes only a few minutes, and finding seasonal artwork that fits the vibe of your space can make a huge impact.

5. Anywhere there is a large window, add a seasonal wreath in the center

Pumpkin Spice Suite – Great Wolf Lodge

Wreaths add such great coloring and warmth, and it’s easy to use a removeable hook to add them onto windows and the back of doors!

Thanks to Great Wolf Lodge for partnering on this post.