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Amazon NFT Marketplace Reportedly Launching On May 15 After Several Delays

Amazon NFT Marketplace Reportedly Launching On May 15 After Several Delays

The highly anticipated official launch of Amazon NFT Marketplace is reportedly happening this month after the e-commerce giant postponed its supposed debut last month due to technical and commercial issues.

The latest information about the Amazon NFT marketplace launch came from a Web3 enthusiast and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) trader and collector who uses the Twitter handle @moritz_web3.

“Amazon is launching its NFT marketplace in 12 days and it is huge for web3,” the Twitter user claimed.

However, the Web3 enthusiast said that there is a lack of official details circulating online about the e-commerce giant’s upcoming project. The Twitter user told his almost 20,000 followers that currently, nothing is “100% confirmed” about the marketplace yet although they claimed they got their information from various articles.

“The marketplace was originally scheduled to launch in 2022,” the NFT collector said in a follow-up tweet, highlighting that the “new launch date after several delays is set to May 15.”

Moreover, the NFT trader claimed that Amazon would launch its own private blockchain compatible and interoperable with Avalanche, Ethereum and Chainlink and has plans of adding more blockchains soon.

As previously reported, the Amazon NFT Marketplace will reportedly launch in the United States first and would be officially called “Amazon Digital Marketplace,” with a subsequent debut in other parts of the world happening in the future.

“Amazon wants to simplify NFT purchases, you will be able to pay with fiat using your credit card. You won’t need any technical know-how about the blockchain or self-custody wallets, just an Amazon account,” the Twitter user claimed, adding that “Amazon wants to integrate digital experiences. You can buy NFTs with your credit card and get physical products delivered to your doorstep.”

The Web3 enthusiast also compared the launch of Amazon Digital Marketplace to the launch of Coinbase NFT marketplace and noted that some enthusiasts could be very skeptical by now.

However, the Twitter user noted that there are several differences between the two companies, which include the number of active monthly users and the accessibility and ease of use of Amazon’s upcoming NFT project.

“Amazon doesn’t only has far more users, but they also have a completely different audience,” the NFT trader said, adding that Amazon has come up “with a solution that makes the user experience far better (most people don’t want self-custody).”

The Twitter user’s claim aligned with the previous report of Web3 media Big Whale last month.

Big Whale said at the time that instead of April, the supposed digital marketplace is scheduled to launch on May 15 since the team faced technical and commercial challenges, citing a source close to the project.

It is worth noting that despite the rumors circulating online about Amazon NFT Marketplace, the e-commerce giant has not said anything related to it.

The logo of Amazon is seen at the company logistics center in Lauwin-Planque, northern France