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Earn New Cosmetics in Diablo 4’s Upcoming ‘Midwinter Blight’ Event

Earn New Cosmetics in Diablo 4’s Upcoming ‘Midwinter Blight’ Event

Even though it’s a blighted hellscape, Sanctuary isn’t exempt from some holiday cheer. And by holiday cheer, I mean an eternal, freezing winter that blots out the sun.

What (and When) is Midwinter Blight in Diablo 4?

Midwinter Blight, a new holiday event coming to Diablo 4 from December 12 to January 2, will bring a storm over the Fractured Peaks zone. In this storm, new enemies, called Blightfiends, led by the “Red Cloaked Horror, ” will emerge.

We don’t know the specifics of how this event will work, but there’s a new questline that begins in Kyovashad. A currency dropped by the Red Cloaked Horror will allow the purchase of items and cosmetics back in town.

Diablo 4 Midwinter Blight’s New Cosmetics

We’re getting new back cosmetics for each class during the event, as well as some new weapons, which can presumably be purchased with whatever seasonal currency the enemies drop:

We’ll get an article from the devs closer to the event’s release detailing how exactly it will work, but I can’t imagine it being terribly convoluted. The worst-case scenario I can think of is that the storm in Frozen Peaks will only occur occasionally, but since we’ve gotten so many quality-of-life changes to limited-time farms, like Helltides, I don’t think it will be overly restrictive.

This event will run within the Season of Blood framework, so if you’re playing a Seasonal character, you don’t need to do anything special to access it. As to whether it’ll make its way to the Eternal Realm, well.. We’ll have another guide with the juicy details when the dev article goes live. Until then, why not stop by our Season of Blood tier list?

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