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eBOOK: Employee engagement is key in crisis management

eBOOK: Employee engagement is key in crisis management

Remote work has become a prominent part of the South African work landscape. The key to thriving amidst adversity and the catalyst for growth are engaged employees. An exclusive ebook from Bateleur Brand Planning.

In this survey sample, 20% of the respondents worked from home, 47% from their offices, and 33% enjoyed a hybrid model. They spanned diverse industries, including education, health, retail, ICT, civil services, banking, and insurance.

In 2023, Bateleur Brand Planning, a recognised authority in market research and employee engagement, conducted the Vantage Point survey, revealing that the key to thriving amidst adversity, the antidote to stagnation, and the catalyst for growth are engaged employees; the lifeblood of a resilient South Africa. This is what the research revealed:

  • Work-from-home employees are more satisfied with their working arrangements (74%) compared to those required to work at the office (54%).
  • Hybrid workers fall in between, with 67% satisfaction.
  • Engagement levels vary significantly based on working style. Remote workers are the most engaged (62%), followed by hybrid workers (60.5%). Conversely, employees in entirely office-based roles have the lowest engagement (43.9%).
  • Older employees are generally more engaged than younger counterparts.
  • Engagement correlates positively with education and income, with better-educated and higher-income employees exhibiting higher engagement levels.
  • In South Africa, current employee engagement levels fall short, with 53% of employees engaged, 27% neutral, and 20% disengaged.

As regards the factors influencing employee engagement, Gordon Hooper, Bateleur’s managing director, said: “South Africa’s economy and society face numerous challenges, and employee engagement plays a crucial role in addressing these issues. Achieving a highly engaged workforce requires inspirational and inclusive leadership. The statistics reveal a strong link between employee engagement, general happiness, and optimism for the country’s future.”

Call to Action

South Africa’s economic future hinges on a substantial increase in employee engagement, which calls for a shift towards inspirational and inclusive leadership. Organisations should prioritise leadership development and foster cultures that emphasise empathy, appreciation, setting a good example, purpose-driven leadership, decisiveness, and guidance.

eBOOK: Enhancing Employee Engagement in South Africa, is available for free download in Retailing Africa’s Library.



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