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Georganne Visits Bergdorf Goodman

Georganne Visits Bergdorf Goodman

Photo Cred: Untapped New York by Michelle Young

the recent torrential rains in New York City my sister and I visited Bergdorf
Goodman, a NYC landmark department store that is famous for designer clothing
and accessories. And absolutely priceless premier customer service.


used to visit Bergdorf’s with my mother when I was little, she loved that store
so we were there a lot. This trip? We were invisible. I understand
that we are not their target customer, neither one of us are model tall or a
size 0; we are not sample-size anything and that’s okay. When
I asked if a particular dress came in a size 12 I was told that Bergdorf’s carries
up to a size 12, but in designer sizes that 12 fits closer to an 8.

with me so far?

one, and I mean not one of the many sales associates we encountered on the
floor that day could be bothered to even make eye contact. Maybe I can’t buy a
dress but that doesn’t mean my AmEx won’t work for a handbag, accessories,
jewelry or shoes. The only associate who deigned to speak to us the entire 30 minutes we were
there saw me pull a strapless dress back up to cover a mannequin’s exposed

Once a visual merchandiser, always a visual merchandiser!
I couldn’t leave this lady exposed. 

get it. Bergdorf Goodman serves a wealthy client base and there was something
about us that screamed we didn’t fit that mold. But dear lord, do they have to
be so snotty about it?

came home and rewatched “Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s” (2013) on Amazon
Prime. It’s a remarkable store with a great history and an extremely talented staff.
During the film, one of the principals spoke about a sort of shabby looking woman
who came in carrying two shopping bags. She asked about the cost of an
expensive fur coat and the associate hemmed and hawed about the price until the
woman started pulling wads of cash out of her shopping bags. The principal said
something like, “You can’t judge a book by its cover or a customer by
their looks because you never know where your next sale will come from.”
No kidding.

hard is it to look at someone and smile? Everyone who enters your store is a
potential customer. Everyone deserves to be acknowledged. Bergdorf’s could
learn from our 7-Tile Rule: Every time an associate comes within seven floor
tiles – that’s seven feet – of a customer they MUST acknowledge that customer. That
might only be eye contact and a smile, but trust me when I say that smile work

Lack of service aside, the store was beautiful. Take a look…

I love the poses of these mannequins. And the tiny signs at their feet that indicate the name of the designer.

Jewelry in this area was displayed in glass counters on the sales floor and these boxes that showcase the unique pieces.

Don’t laugh. I initially thought this was a Halloween display.

From another angle it was an elegant hooded dress! 

Chandeliers in stores are one of my favorite things. I want to know more about the history of the building that was specifically built for Bergdorf’s and opened in 1928 on New York City’s Fifth Avenue.

The props make the merchandise pop. Note there is only one of each garment hanging on the rail behind this display.

I could have shopped the hell out of this shoe department.

Design by Reynolds Wrap. (Kidding.)

Admiring the art.

She’s dancing.

These  mannequins are beautifully, subtlety tri-colored. 

This mannequin platform greeted shoppers near the front entrance of the store. The first mannequin was at least 9′ tall! You know I took a closer look to see how the display was put together.

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