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Heated vs Unheated Sapphires: What You Need To Know

Heated vs Unheated Sapphires: What You Need To Know

is it bad if a sapphire is heated?

Definitely not. This is a standardized process that doesn’t affect the quality, longevity, or durability of the stone. It’s extremely common and nothing to be concerned about.

How common are heated sapphires aka heat treated sapphires?

Heated sapphires are the industry-wide norm. When shopping, you can assume every sapphire has been heated unless it’s specifically labelled as ‘unheated’. If a jeweler is certain a stone is unheated or heated, they should put that information on the product listing. If they aren’t certain it’s been heated or unheated, they will put nothing.

do sapphires change color when heated?

A sapphire’s color will intensify when its heated – it can darken, lighten, or deepen its original tone.

Is heated or unheated sapphire better?

Both heated sapphires and unheated sapphires have their benefits! If you choose an heated sapphire, you’ll get a more vibrant, saturated stone for your budget. Also, most heated sapphires are eye-clean, with no inclusions visible to the naked eye. Unheated sapphires will have whatever inclusions were naturally created within them.

The downside of a heat treated sapphire: They will likely not appreciate in value in the same way as an unheated sapphire.

Are heated sapphires and unheated sapphires the same price?

Because an unheated sapphire is more rare, it will command a slight premuim in price over a heated sapphire of the same color and quality.

Are heated sapphires worth anything?

Absolutely! Most sapphires on the market are heated and it doesn’t negatively impact the value. The small number of unheated sapphires available are worth even more because of their rarity.