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Jewelry of Star Trek: Jill MacKay’s Out-of-This-World Designs

Jewelry of Star Trek: Jill MacKay’s Out-of-This-World Designs

The First Lady of Star Trek

Marjel Barrett Rodenberry, wife of the show creator Gene Rodenberry, played Lwaxana Troi on Star Trek: The Next Generation and frequently wore Jill’s jewelry on the show. The “First Lady of Star Trek” was a charismatic character on and off the screen, and her taste in jewelry helped propel Jill’s career. This partnership not only elevated Jill’s creations but also highlighted the synergy between art, character, and the Star Trek universe.

Making Creativity Your Job

Jill believes deeply in the power of creativity and advises, “Know/learn as much as possible about your market and industry. Don’t quit your day job until you know you can make it solely as a creative. It makes for a lot of hours at the beginning . . . oh who am I kidding? Being a self-employed creative means tons of hours. The good news is when you are doing work you love it doesn’t seem like work. Being a creative is making a living and a life.”

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Connect with Jill

Jill MacKay is an Interweave Top 20 Bead & Jewelry Honoree and an accomplished designer, author, and consultant whose name is synonymous with innovation and inspiration. She has been designing product lines, jewelry findings, components and jewelry making tools for over 25 years. She licenses her work to national chain stores, manufacturers, and television retailers. Jill perpetually shares her vision of the transformational qualities of creativity and art. 

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