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June’s Back to School Shopping List

June’s Back to School Shopping List

I am so excited that it’s back to school season.

Not only does it mark the changing of summer to fall, but it’s the beginning of the holiday season which is my favorite time of the year. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to hit refresh on your wardrobe and get the kids stocked up with everything they need for the year.

Here are a few of my favorites for June as she heads into her final year of preK.

Sports & Activities

I recently signed June up for tennis and she’s obsessed with these cute little tennis outfits (size up). She was in need of proper sneakers so I ordered her this pair along with this tennis racket. Her favorite sport currently is soccer so I also got her a few new pair of mesh shorts because home girl run HOT on the fields. I also noticed a few of her soccer pals were graduating into cleats so I ordered her this pair of soccer cleats. 

June is really in to arts right now. “Mommy! When I grow up I’m going to be an artist so I can draw and paint every single day of my life.” Okay June! To encourage this passion, I ordered this Tabletop paper roll dispenser off Amazon along with this marker organizer, new paint, and these cups to paint with. Speaking of art, June has been hanging hers all over her room so I’m on the hunt for a perfect bulletin board for her room to display her work.

Her other favorite after school activity is swimming and her swim lessons. I’ve sold all of my mom friends on this leave in conditioner for post swim. It gets tangles out without even having to brush. I honestly use mine after every single shower. We’re exclusive Minnow Swim people too 🙂

Backpack etc.

June’s backpack since day one has been a Stoney Clover.They’re a bit pricey but they’re super durable and honestly last a long time. I pop this lunch box inside with her snack in these reusable bags and we’re good to go! I’m also on the fence about being a psycho tracker and popping one of these devices in her backpack. I had a few fellow moms suggest doing this and I honestly don’t see the harm.

Clothing Basics

June lives in two things and those two things are “undies and panties.” Undies being the tank tops that she literally lives in at home and these are her favorite panties. I swear to God my child literally wears hardly anything else. Back to school is also a good time to restock on things like socks, Keds and

A few more key basics and stores I love shopping for June come from Zara and GAP.  June really loves a skater dress with bike shorts underneath. In the fall I usually also stock up on Zara kid’s cashmere pieces before they sell out (because they always sell out).

We are also household fans of anything and everything Doen dress related. June is obsessed with their dresses. And while they are definitely pricey, they really do last forever and to be honest (ssh don’t tell anyone), when she outgrows them as dresses they kind of work as little tops with shorts (ha!).

Next up: Halloween! Can you believe it? Do you guys know what you are going as this year?

xoxo jacey