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Leaked Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Rumored to Let Players Trade Skins and Other Items

Leaked Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Rumored to Let Players Trade Skins and Other Items

Rainbow Six Siege may be getting a marketplace for trading.

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege may be getting a marketplace in the near future that’ll allow players to trade some goods with one another if recent leaks are to be believed. Nothing has been said about this officially, of course, but a well-known Rainbow Six Siege leaker who’s shared accurate info numerous times in the past has suggested that this’ll be the case while providing specifics on what kinds of items players will be able to trade and how this’ll all work. It’s not know at this time when Ubisoft will announce the feature, assuming it’s real, but the next Operation will be unveiled in full very soon, so perhaps it’ll be timed around those announcements.

Rainbow Six Siege leaker UBI_Frax first told players about the marketplace that’s supposedly coming to the game. The feature will supposedly be available in a beta form first before it gets its widespread rollout, and it’s not supposed to be limited to any one platform like the PC.

Rainbow Six Siege Trading Marketplace

According to UBI_Frax, the marketplace will work by allowing players to purchase items that other players have via their R6 Credits. Dubbed so far as the “R6S Marketplace,” it’s supposedly going to be a trading avenue that’s largely separate from the game itself in that players have to access it through other means than within the game.

“On November 12, players will be able to register for a chance to access the new R6S Marketplace, which will enter beta in early 2024,” the leaker said. “R6S Marketplace is a safe and anonymous web platform for eligible players to trade their eligible items.”

Marketplaces like this already exist for other games that support trading within the community, but Rainbow Six Siege so far has only had unofficial trading platforms propped up by third-party organizers. Those are commonplace in other games, too, but they’re prone to scams and other issues given the lack of insurance when dealing with other players. This Ubisoft-led one should therefore be safer as the leaks suggest, but Ubisoft will take its part of the transaction, too, by supposedly charging a 10% fee on transactions of R6 Credits.

So, what can be traded in this rumored marketplace? In a follow-up tweet, UBI_Frax explained further by saying that the store will facilitate the trade of “secondary store items” which means things that you’ve acquired in-game or via the Alpha Packs. Much to the dismay of players who heard about the marketplace first and immediately thought of rare skins, the leaker says that this setup means that players won’t be able to acquire things like the coveted Glacier skin from this marketplace.

November 12th aligns with the date that Ubisoft will show off Operation Deep Freeze and the game’s newest Operator, Tubarão, so we’ll be sure to keep an eye on the reveal planned for Sunday to see if the marketplace is part of the announcements Ubisoft has planned.