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Lourdes Leon Wore Bags Instead of Underwear

Lourdes Leon Wore Bags Instead of Underwear

New trend? Lourdes Leon, daughter of Madonna and high school GF of Timothée Chalamet, stars in a new fashion campaign wearing a bag as clothes. Specifically, the “chain bag” from Dion Lee, which someone has fashioned into a bikini…harness…swing? Which you can see here.

In another ad for the brand, portraying a photo shoot in downtown NYC, the up-and-coming model wears nothing but boots and her own hair, which she is also climbing, Rapunzel style. You can see her looking at the resulting photos, once again rocking Just A Chain.

Really makes you wanna buy a bag, huh?

Leon, who is also a pop singer, debuted this look just hours after Christina Aguilera stepped literally into her bag, wearing a blinged-out micro-miniskirt that was fashioned to look like a Birkin bag. Someone smart please analyze what this means for fashion and accessories…feminism?

Not gonna lie, I feel a little bad for Lourdes Leon! Fashion is cool and all—she made her Paris Fashion Week runway debut last June in a patterned catsuit—but her mom and her sisters went to see Beyoncé without her. And they got to go backstage and hang out with Bey and Rumi. Do celebs get FOMO? Because if they do, she surely has it, right?

A sweet mother-daughter picture was included in Madge’s latest Instagram post (third slide), where she wrote lovingly about how her children have helped her recover from her recent illness. “Love from family and friends is the best Medicine. One month out of the hospital and I can reflect. As a Mother you can really get caught up In the needs Of your children and the seemingly endless giving,” she wrote, adding, “But when the chips were down my children really showed up for me. I saw a side to them I had never seen before. It made all the difference.”