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MeridianLink Launches Enhanced Partner Marketplace Connecting Customers to Industry-Leading, Innovative Products – MeridianLink (NYSE:MLNK)

MeridianLink Launches Enhanced Partner Marketplace Connecting Customers to Industry-Leading, Innovative Products – MeridianLink (NYSE:MLNK)

Enhancements to MeridianLink Marketplace empower financial institutions to personalize MeridianLink’s platform to meet the unique needs of consumers

MeridianLink, Inc. MLNK, a leading provider of modern software platforms for financial institutions and consumer reporting agencies, today announced the launch of its redesigned partner marketplace, MeridianLink® Marketplace. Marketplace offers MeridianLink customers the opportunity to collaborate with hundreds of industry-leading providers to deliver innovative products and services that enhance the digital lending and account opening experience for consumers.

Marketplace currently has hundreds of pre-integrated solutions centered around seven primary use cases: collections, digital applications, funding and closing, origination services, processing, systems integration, and underwriting. MeridianLink offers products and services from some of the industry’s most trusted names, and the Company works to continuously expand its Marketplace offerings.

“It’s clear that today’s consumers demand experiences from their financial institutions that are convenient, digital, and customized to their specific needs,” said Megan Pulliam, SVP of MeridianLink Marketplace. “That’s one of many reasons we’re proud to offer our customers such a robust variety of products and services — from identity verification to automated decisioning and everything in between — through MeridianLink Marketplace. The platform gives our customers the resources they need to exceed the expectations of their consumers, expand into untapped markets, and boost profitability.”

Companies seeking to be listed on Marketplace go through a rigorous vetting and onboarding process to ensure their products and services are effective and suitable for MeridianLink clients. Once onboarded, organizations with products listed on Marketplace can attain one of four partnership tiers: standard, elite, premier, and platinum. Each tier includes a number of benefits ranging from co-branded marketing materials to press outreach and early access to MeridianLink events, making Marketplace a compelling value add for solution providers and financial institutions alike.

“We have more than a decade of experience working with MeridianLink and are proud to be the first platinum partner on their Marketplace to offer community lenders a breadth of configurable options to best serve their members and clients,” said Lisa Bonenfant, vice president of community lending at Experian. “Our collaborative efforts, capabilities, and breadth of solutions are helping lenders mitigate risk, automate their decisioning, and enhance their customer experiences all while furthering financial inclusion.”

In addition to providing countless ways to personalize the Company’s platform, Marketplace offers other financial services providers and fintech companies a new way to grow their reach through a partnership with MeridianLink. To learn more about MeridianLink Marketplace, visit


MeridianLink® MLNK powers digital lending and account opening for financial institutions and provides data verification solutions for consumer reporting agencies. MeridianLink’s scalable, cloud-based platforms help customers build deeper relationships with consumers through data-driven, personalized experiences across the entire lending life cycle.

MeridianLink enables customers to accelerate revenue growth, reduce risk, and exceed consumer expectations through seamless digital experiences. Its partner marketplace supports hundreds of integrations for tailored innovation. For more than 20 years, MeridianLink has prioritized the democratization of lending for consumers, businesses, and communities. Learn more at