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Mi9 Retail is named a Top 10 Retail Software Solution Provider

Mi9 Retail is named a Top 10 Retail Software Solution Provider

MIAMI, FLORIDA June 8, 2023

Mi9 Retail is named a Top 10 Retail Software Solution Provider. As part of the annual edition focused on technology solution providers, Insights Success Magazine surveyed companies that are currently ruling the technology world and determined Mi9 Retail is a stand-out company for its Merchandise Management and Store Operations Software platform.

 “With the speed of today’s evolving technologies and fast-paced retailing operations, it is critical to keep up with the latest trends and uncover what the most innovative Retail IT providers are doing in their respective fields,” said Chad Smith, Vice-President at Insights Success.  “Mi9 Retail definitely stands out for their robust software suite and exceptional customer service record in the global technology industry.”  

The full story can be read here: Mi9 Retail is named a Top 10 Retail Software Solution Provider

Eugene Voronov, EVP & GM at Mi9 Retail, remarked “While having a strong culture, vision, mission, and strategy is paramount for any successful business; the battle for the customers’ loyalty happens at the front lines and not in the corner office.  We must relentlessly innovate and deliver value to our market while excelling our customer service.”

Mi9 Retail resolves the market need for a merchandise management system that caters to the unique requirements of retailers dealing with high SKU volumes, complex products, and inventory management challenges.  Mi9 Retail takes great pride in continually evolving their software platform and services to meet the needs of growing mid-tier retailers. Knowing that softline and hardline retailers must tailor their strategies to fit their business priorities, market plan, and retailing capabilities, Mi9 Retail merchandising and store solutions empower retailers with the insights they need to manage products, optimize inventory, drive sales, lower operating costs, and improve customer engagement.

About Mi9 Retail
Founded in 2002, Mi9 Retail’s mission is to develop great software that delights end users by excelling in design and functionality. Mi9 Retail offers a complete suite of retail software that includes merchandise management, point of sale, business intelligence, sales audit, invoice matching, order management, and e-commerce – all connected to a common retail analytics platform.