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Overwatch 2 quietly adds new Cosmetic Loadout feature to save your favorite looks

Overwatch 2 quietly adds new Cosmetic Loadout feature to save your favorite looks

Published: 2023-10-10T02:35:46

  ❘   Updated: 2023-10-10T02:36:00

Overwatch 2 devs have quietly added a new Cosmetic Loadout feature to help players save time while customizing their favorite heroes. Here’s how it all works.

When it comes to customization in Overwatch 2, you’ve got a fair few options. While skins themselves are often the highlight, it doesn’t stop there. From weapon charms to emotes and plenty more in between, there’s certainly no shortage of items to pick and choose from.

Over the years, with the game’s roster only continuing to grow and new updates only adding more content to the mix, this list of cosmetic goodies has expanded a great deal. Thus, sifting through your haul of unlocked goods can be quite the task.

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Looking to alleviate the burden somewhat in Season 7, devs have quietly implemented a new feature. Known as Cosmetic Loadouts, players can now bundle together their favorite items to instantly equip a full set all at once.

In creating a new Loadout, players can manually pick their desired skins, highlights intros, emotes, sprays, and everything else that comes to mind. Once selected and saved as part of the set, this Loadout is now ready to equip at any given moment.

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In having this option available, you can now save a number of your favorite sets altogether, rather than having to manually swap between individual items.

Say, for instance, you’re looking to get into the festive spirit with the upcoming Halloween Terror event. Rather than completely replacing your current look on a given hero, you can now save the set and return to it later while you go about your spooky business in different attire.

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At the time of writing, this particular feature hasn’t been addressed directly by devs for whatever reason. It wasn’t included as part of the Season 7 patch notes. Instead, it was uncovered in an early test build of the game’s Season 7 patch and first shared online by content creator Frogger.

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You can now save all of your favorite cosmetics in one place.

It’s unclear for now just how many Cosmetic Loadouts can be saved for each hero, but the initial look confirms room for at least three different sets to switch between on the fly.

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