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PS5’s Pro Controller, the DualSense Edge, Is the Best-Selling Accessory in the US

PS5’s Pro Controller, the DualSense Edge, Is the Best-Selling Accessory in the US

The DualSense Edge, PlayStation’s answer to the Xbox Elite controller and Nintendo’s Pro, is the best-selling accessory in the US for the month of June. In fact, the top four spots have all been claimed by different DualSense configurations, according to noted industry analyst and entertainment software expert Mat Piscatella of the NPD Group.

This, admittedly, comes as something of a surprise. According to our own polling, the PlayStation faithful didn’t seem especially enthused by the premium piece of tech, with common complaints cited as being the device’s relatively limited battery life and hefty price tag. In fact, out of 1,633 core gamers invested enough to vote on an enthusiast PlayStation site like Push Square, an overwhelming 64% purported to have no interest in the DualSense Edge controller whatsoever.

It’s probably worth noting this is only for June 2023 and is based on dollar sales, meaning you’d need to sell four-ish regular DualSense controllers to make up the same amount as a single Edge, but the point stands; despite that premium price point and limited battery life, Push Square-polling be damned, people are clearly out there buying the thing!

We find it exciting that the device is selling so well, as it proves there is a demand for more premium accessories. Plus, it could potentially push us toward a future in which we get something approaching parity with Xbox’s unbelievably epic Design Lab initiative, but for DualSense. We can dream, right?