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Say goodbye to facial blue veins

Say goodbye to facial blue veins

Before and after photo of facial blue vein

Results 2 months post one treatment.
Photos courtesy of Robert Weiss MD

Facial blue veins, frequently found around the eyes and on the forehead, are a common cosmetic concern that most individuals don’t realize can be treated. In fact, dermatologists at SkinCare Physicians’ can clear these blood vessels with little discomfort and virtually no side effects in a matter of 3 straightforward laser treatments.

What causes facial blue veins?

The cause of facial blue veins is unknown. They are in the normal pattern of facial veins whose function is to drain blood from the skin back to the heart. There are usually so many that by sealing off a few with laser doesn’t have any unwanted consequences. They are found in both men and women alike. Blood vessels are often more noticeable in individuals with fair skin than on dark-skinned people, but they can be seen in individuals of all skin types. Children almost never have them on their face, as they usually start appearing in late 20s or early 30s, becoming more prominent as individuals age. Facial blue veins are of no medical significance and are not ever related to underlying medical conditions.

How to treat facial veins?

Treatments are performed with a long pulsed Nd:YAG laser which targets the blood in the vessels causing them to collapse. The vessels collapse shorty after treatment and over a few weeks they shrivel up and disappear. As few as one, but usually three treatments, performed every 6 to 8 weeks, are usually necessary to ensure that the vessels go away gently and almost painlessly, and don’t come back.

These blue veins are most frequently found around the eyes, but are also seen on the eyelids, forehead and cheeks, and even the chest, especially in fair skinned individuals. Veins in all three areas respond equally well to treatment.

Frequently asked questions about treating facial blue veins

Patients commonly ask our dermatologists the following questions when consulting about their facial blue veins:

  • Can creams make them fade away? The answer is unfortunately no.
  • Can treating the vessels might cause them to clot? The risk is very low. On the rare occasion the treated vessels clot and the clots resolve over 6 weeks as the vessels disintegrate never to recur.
  • What about treating dark skinned individuals? The good news is that the lasers we use for this treatment are particularly safe with all skin types.
  • What about recurrences? Once the vessels have decreased, they can occasionally return, but this is unusual and when they do, it is over years that they recur.

If you have facial blue veins and want to get rid of them, ask your SkinCare Physicians dermatologist to take a look to see if you are a candidate for the simple and highly effective laser treatment

This blog was originally published on April 24th, 2017