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TikToker sparks backlash after buying stranger’s ashes on Facebook marketplace

TikToker sparks backlash after buying stranger’s ashes on Facebook marketplace

Published: 2023-10-10T02:57:02

  ❘   Updated: 2023-10-10T02:57:16

A TikToker is facing backlash for buying a stranger’s ashes after the deceased’s son put up a marketplace listing on Facebook.

Grief can manifest in many ways and losing a family member is likely to bring up a lot of intense emotion, from sadness to shock to anger.

If cremation is the path chosen, deciding what to do with the ashes can be a chance to say goodbye and find some closure. But what about getting an extra dollar?

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That is exactly what one man decided to do after his mom passed away, selling 2oz vials of her ashes on Facebook marketplace for $30 each, an extra $5 for backstory — and one TikToker was eager to purchase.

Lauren, a mortician who goes by ‘lovee.miss.lauren’ online, posted a video on TikTok stitching another creator who had discovered the bizarre listing on Facebook.

“Where’s the listing? Send me the listing. I want to buy and I want to pay the extra $5 for the back drama story too,” Lauren said. “Who sells their mama’s ashes on Facebook marketplace?”

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And Lauren did in fact purchase the ashes, posting a follow-up TikTok to share with viewers the unboxing.

But while selling ashes may be legal according to Lauren, many found her choice to engage with the listing to be “unethical” and cross “professional boundaries”.

“Okay, this is f***** up. I used to work in the funeral industry and this is so unethical, and she knows that,” one person wrote on Reddit. “The only way this would be appropriate is if she bought them so no one else could and gave them an appropriate resting place.”

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Another said, “This is sickening and disrespectful as f***.” And to add to the controversy, the seller of the ashes even made a Facebook page for those who purchased from him called, ‘I Know It Might Be Wrong But I Bought Some Of Chris’s Mom‘.

It is unknown whether or not Lauren is a part of the group. Check out all the latest entertainment news on our page here.