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Toddler Travel Favorites – Damsel In Dior

Toddler Travel Favorites – Damsel In Dior

June and I took a quick trip to Texas last week to visit family.

When it comes to flying with a toddler, you’ve got to have a few tricks up your sleeve. Below you’ll find the best of the best things that I’ve used over the last few years and swear by.

Do you have any amazing products to share when traveling with toddlers? Leave a comment below!


First thing is first: I’ve had this for June for 2 years and it’s hands down our favorite travel day must have. She absolutely loves it and it fits all of her toys and snacks and turns into a bed once we board. Huge fan!

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My second all time favorite travel day favorite is this snack spinner. June thinks it’s so fun when we board the flight and she takes full control of her snack time.

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June thinks this is the coolest toy of all time. It’s also a great size to pop in last minute because it doesn’t take up much space.

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These bags were given to me has a gift and I always reach for them. They’re very practical and last forever!

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xoxo jacey


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