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What Is Boho Style and Why Are Celebrities Suddenly into It?

What Is Boho Style and Why Are Celebrities Suddenly into It?

You’ve probably seen those photos in magazines and all over social media of famous stars rocking flowy peasant blouses, piles of fringe bangs, floppy sun hats, and statement jewelry. They’re totally embracing the boho chic or bohemian style that’s having a major comeback right now. You may have also wondered what boho style is and why so many celebs are completely into it suddenly.   

Boho chic is basically a relaxed, earthy way of dressing that mixes elements of hippie, peasant, nomad, and vintage style. It’s all about billowy silhouettes, flowy fabrics like cotton and lace, lots of accessories, and a neutral color palette. For stars who are constantly dressed up for red carpets and photo shoots, the loose and carefree boho aesthetic is a chance to let their hair down.   

The look also never seems to go out of fashion, unlike other short-lived trends. And it perfectly fits with the free-spirited vibe of creative types like musicians, models, and performers looking to embrace their alternative identities. Keep reading to learn all about the different aspects of boho style and why it aligns so well with fame-fueled lifestyles. 

Brief Boho Origins and History   

Bohemian style first emerged in the mid-1800s, which was often embraced by writers, artists, creatives, and intellectuals who defied bourgeois norms through clothing. The look then had a resurgence in the late 1960s with hippie culture and again in the 1990s and early 2000s. Today, the contemporary boho style combines all those vintage influences for a globally inspired, eclectic aesthetic.  

What Is Boho Style and Why Are Celebrities Suddenly into It?

Defining Aspects of Boho Style   

  • Billowy silhouettes and flowy fabrics   

A boho chic wardrobe is filled with loose-fitting peasant blouses like tunics, maxi dresses, long-flowing skirts, wide-leg pants, and kimonos. The silhouettes tend to be drapey and relaxed. Some of the fabrics commonly used in the boho style include linen, gauzy cotton, velvet, knits, lace, crochet, embroidered textiles, suede, and denim. The overall result of a boho-style ensemble is an effortlessly undone vibe.    

  • Vintage elements and distressed details   

You’ve probably noticed how boho-style outfits often have similar details and vintage elements. Garments may feature faded prints, intentionally ripped areas, visible stitching, or mismatched patterns reminiscent of hand-me-downs, which you often see in tunics.    

For those unfamiliar with what is a tunic, it’s another type of loose-fitting garment that often holds simplistic design, draping styles, and other vintage elements. After choosing a tunic piece of your choice, you can wrap up and achieve an eclectic style by accessorizing it with felt hats, beaded jewelry, embroidery, or fringed bags.   

  • Layering of accessories   

Ultimately, no boho outfit is complete without wearing loads of accessories! Stacked bracelets, geometric earrings, woven headbands, rugged boots, embroidered belts, fringe bags, and statement sunglasses capture the global traveler’s vibe. You can also make each of your boho ensembles look unique by mixing leather, metallic, wool, denim, lace, and other textures together. 

So, Why Do Celebrities Dig the Boho Aesthetic?   

There could be plenty of reasons why big-name celebrities dig boho aesthetic. These reasons could be:   

  • It’s relaxed and carefree   

The Boho style is much more relaxed than other styles. For celebrities who don’t want to be stuck in a cycle of red-carpet events and photoshoots feeling discomfort, the loose silhouettes of boho clothing can provide them with a reprieve. The flowy fabrics won’t cling to their body like some gowns. The style allows them to cover up comfortably without compromising elegance and comfort.    

  • It’s versatile and easy to wear   

Another amazing thing about the boho aesthetic is that it can translate seamlessly from daytime outings to evenings out. For instance, you can pair a floral maxi dress with shades and sandals and head out for a beach picnic. Then, you can trade the sandals with booties and add a leather jacket if you’re heading to a night cafe. This quick switch makes it easier for celebrities to dress themselves and be anywhere at any time without skimping on their fashion style. 

  • It doesn’t go out of style   

While trends come and go quickly in Hollywood, bohemian style remains a constant. Celebrities have been rocking floppy hats, peasant blouses, and statement jewelry for decades now. As boho fashion nods to vintage eras, there’s a huge chance that boho pieces can stand the test of time. So, if you’re looking to fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces, perhaps you can start exploring boho-style garments. 

  • It suits free-spirited creative types   

If you’ve noticed, most artists, models, musicians, and performers who thrive on nonconformity tend to perfectly rock boho style. The most popular models in the world are often known for wearing high-fashion clothes during photoshoots and on runways, you can often see them wearing boho style when off-duty.    

Models love rocking those peasant blouses and maxi skirts and pairing them with the right accessories. Even with a simple boho-chic style, it always makes a statement of how models can be free-spirited when it comes to fashion. 

Wrap Up 

Whether running errands or walking red carpets, the wanderlust spirit of bohemian style can easily align with celebrity aesthetics. Boho fashion allows stars to cover up comfortably, switch their outfit vibe easily, remain stylish timelessly, and stay true to their artistic identities. With its vibrant and carefree energy, this trend will surely continue to inspire A-listers’ eccentric sides for more seasons to come. So, don’t be surprised when boho chic continues to dominate street style and glossy magazines today and in the future.