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What to Wear in the City When It’s Hot

What to Wear in the City When It’s Hot

Sydne Style shows what to wear in the city with easy black summer outfit ideas

One of ultimate style challenges is staying chic during a sizzling heatwave in the city. And with temperatures on the rise, it’s becoming more and more of the norm. When the urban landscape turns into a sweltering summer paradise, the struggle is real of wanting to look effortlessly chic while keeping cool and comfortable. I wasn’t surprised when I looked at the weather in New York City and saw there was going to be a heatwave during my visit. The weather certainly set the tone on what to pack for NYC in the summer. But I didn’t let that stop me from looking stylish. Here are my tips for how to embrace the sun-soaked streets of the concrete jungle with grace and style.

What to Wear in the City When It’s Hot

Lightweight Fabrics

Fabric is key when it comes to staying cool in a heatwave. Think lots of linen and breathable cotton. And don’t forget a lightweight sweater or cardigan! It can be freezing when you dash inside for some much-needed AC.

Airy Shapes

Let a little breeze come through your clothes by opting for roomy shorts or A-line shape dresses and skirt.

Sweat-proof Color Palette

Avoid colors that show sweat (I find gray to be the worst!). White can be your best friend when it comes to hiding signs of perspiration.

mix and match packing

This trip was my first time traveling with my son. So I wanted to keep luggage minimal and allow as much room as possible for baby supplies (man, you need a lot of stuff!). That left me very little space for my own clothing. My solution? Pack a bunch of separates that you could mix and match for different outfit ideas. Here’s everything I decided to bring for what to wear in the city when it’s hot:

Prefer video? Check out the outfits for what to wear in the city when it’s hot over on Instagram!

Roomy black shorts

I love these shorts so much that I actually bought a second pair. My first pair was a size xs, but I’m still losing my baby weight so I got a size small as well. I like the longer length, especially for the city.

Black Mini Skirt

I’m all about ’90s minimalism, especially as a new mom. This skirt makes it easy (see more outfit ideas with the skirt here).

Cropped Pants

These are one of my fave travel pants. They run pretty true to size. I’m wearing a size 25, which was my pre- pregnancy size. They still fit me, thanks to all the stretch. But they’re definitely on the more snug side. If I was buying a new pair I’d probably do a size 26.

Little Black Dress

If I wasn’t traveling with my baby, I’d probably bring a little white dress. But I figured black would be a safer choice. This strapless can be dressed up or down and keeps me cool thanks to the voluminous skirt.

I hope this guide helps you if you’re traveling to a hot city this summer! Looking for more styling inpso? You can search all my outfits by season, occasion or key piece… or all three. I always try to make it easy for you to find whatever you’re looking for whether it’s casual work outfit ideas or what to wear on vacation. But I’m alway open to suggestions! Feel free to comment if there’s anything you’d like to see moving forward.